We offer an array of lights for all occasions.                                                            From lights to be seen with, to lights to see with.


TSL-150 -

   This light is a great starter light that you can actually see with.  It has 150 lumen beam that runs for 3 hours on high. With 3 brightness and a strobe for low light conditions. A 3.5 hour charge time, and comes complete with handlebar mount, helmet mount, usb charger and wall plug.

Price  $84.95


   This light is the one to have! It puts out great light for the avid Roadie and Mountain biker. You can really see well even at speed. It's high beam is 250 real lumens, with a nice spot to see small hazards in the road. It has four brightnesses plus flash. Charges in 3.5 hours

Price  $ 109.95

USL-6 Thunderbolt - Headlight

   This is a 90 lumen headlight that is great for being seen at night. The light that it puts out is very defused so it wouldn't be a good light for roadies or avid mountain bikers to see with. It is USB rechargeable and comes in colors. Blue, Yellow, Red, Green and Black

Price  $37.95


  This is by far the best taillight I've seen to date. At 90 lumens and USB rechargeable and has up to a 9 hour run time, it's a nice light. People can see this light from at least a mile back! It comes with USB cable.                                  

Price  $59.95


     This is a great battery operated taillight. It can be seen more than a 1/4 mile away. It has 4 settings, solid light, and 3 flashing patterns. Runs up to 80 hours on 2 AAA batteries.                                                                                                                               

Price  $18.95

UTL-6 Thunderbolt Taillight

   This is Serfas Newest addition. USB rechargable, 90 lumens with up to 9 hours run time. Visible up to a mile away and available in these colors, red, black, green, blue and yellow. Comes with a USB cord.                                                                     

Price  $36.95


    This combo pack is USB rechargable and has up to 8 hours of run time. Great little combo pack at a resonable price. This set is great for in town riding.               


Price  $19.95


Scorch 1.0

     This headlight has 180 lumens and is USB rechargable with up to 4 hours of run time. Choose an optimized beam pattern from 3 settings for maximum visability and run time.     

Price  $69.95

Voyager 3.3

    3 super bright LED's with run time of up to 108 hours. Battery operated on 4 AAA batteries. Great little in town light.               


Price  $24.95

Super Flea

    Ultra bright, ultra compact LED taillight. Run time up to 28 hours and USB rechargable. It's the brightest taillight in the Blackburn line of taillights, and can be seen at least 3/4 of a mile away.    

Price  $44.95

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