Floor Pumps - Blackburn

 All Blackburn pumps have a lifetime Warranty

Air Tower 1

   This is a great entry pump. Large T handle, does any valve and will pump up to 120 psi. It is a hard working floor pump at a nice price.


Price $29.95

Air Tower 3

   This is a great all around pump for any occasion. This pump also does any valve and being able to pump up to 160 psi, it will handle any job. It has a top mounted pressure guage and the base and barrel are made of Steel.

Price $ 44.95

Frame pumps - Blackburn

Airstik Longneck EVO

  Nice frame pump that will handle any valve and up to 120 psi. It also has a small fold out foot and detachable pump head (so as to not put undo pressure on the tire when airing).


Price $ 39.95

Mammoth 2 stage

  This pump will put in up to 120psi and do it faster with a 2 stage action (meaning it pumps air going both directions). Oversize barrel designed for large moutain bike tires. Has a high and low volume mode.

 Price $29.95

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