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Fuji's Altimara is an altimate riding machine.

With a light weight carbon frame it is not only

comfortable but fast. Comes equipped with

105 - Ultegra - and Dura Ace

 You can also get this thoroughbred in Ultegra and Dura Ace Di2 packages

Priced from $1,999.00 to 5,999.00

Fuji's SST series is a light wieght carbon racer.

It's stiff frame design and smooth ride make

it a must for short hops, distance and speed.

It comes in 105 - Ultegra - Dura Ace

   Ultegra or Dura Ace Di2 equipped is also available

Priced from $2,269.00 to $6,079.00 depending on equipment

Grand Fondo 2.0   This is a road bike with comfort and quality. It has a little more upright setting position than a standard road bike. Full carbon frame for a smooth ride and Ultegra equiped, you can't go wrong. It will last a long time, serve you well and at a great price.


Price $ 2599.95

Fuji's Grand Fondo 3.0.This bike is all carbon fiber and 105 equipped. It has a little taller head tube and longer chain stays then the SST to give the rider a more comfortable ride and more upright setting position.


 Price $1999.95

The Roubaix 2.0  This is perfect intermediate starter bike with aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork.. It has Shimano Tiagra equipment so you know it will be reliable. It is where bikes start to get light, so crusing down the road won't be as much work.

Price $ 1199.95

Fuji's D6 3.0 TT bike. If you want to cheat the wind here it is. This D6 is Fuji's full blown Time Trial bike. Ment to go fast and long. The D6 3.0 is 105 equiped. Of-course it goes all the way to Dura Ace if you like.

Price from $3800.00 to $9200.00

Supreme 2.0  This is a great Ladies carbon fiber bike. With Shimano 105 equipment and light weight, it is all business. The carbon fiber frame reduces road shock by as much as 35% making it smooth and fast. Wow - comfort and speed!!


Price $ 2199.95

The Finest   It is a great looking and good performing Ladies bike. With aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork it runs good and feels good also. It has Shimano Sora equipment so you know it will last.


Price $ 879.95


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