Detailing by Loree


Preserve your investment and have your bike detailed to look like new. Your bike gets a complete wash and wax. In the process chain, cogs, derailleurs and wheels are cleaned. This whole process not only makes your bike look like new, but protects the paint from fading.  (also makes your bike go faster ;)

Price $ 55.00


Drive Train Cleaning                   Protect you chain and cogs. This helps with chain and       -                                         cog wear. The dirt and mud reduce the life of your               -                                     equipment

Price $ 40.00

Tune up  -   With a tune up you get Wheels trued, all bearings checked for proper adjustment, brakes and derailluers checked and adjusted and lube the chain. All to make your bike run great! Any additional parts that are needed will only be a parts charge and no added labor.

Price $ 65.00

Conversions. We also do conversions from say a road configuration to a more up right setting position like a comfort bike.

We work on most all bikes no matter where they came from. (Sorry, we don't work on bikes with any kind of motor.)  Electric or Gas

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Let's Ride Inc.
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Phone: 309-752-9850

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Wednesday - Friday     10 - 5:00

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